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Is The Bible Really The Word Of God?


1Why Examine the Bible?5
2Genesis Account of Creation  — Fact or Fiction?11
3Was There an Earth-wide Flood?35
4The Bible and Ancient History  — Do They Agree?45
5Early Christianity — Is the Record Sound?62
6Are the Miracles of the Bible True?74
7Does the Bible Contradict Itself?82
8The Bible's Moral Standards  — Are They Consistent?90
9The Significance of Bible Prophecy103
10Bible Prophecies You Have Seen Fulfilled121
11Is the Bible Practical for Our Day?135
12How the Bible Came to Us150
13Do Christendom's Churches Represent the Bible?162
14The Bible, Your Guide to a Happy Future180

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, Bible quotations in this book are from the modern-language New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, revised edition of 1961.

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