Where Are The Dead?

In The Watchtower of 1st May 1987, the article Looking Back Over 93 Years of Living appeared. In it F.W.Franz told his life story. On page 24 of that magazine, Brother Franz described his, and his brother Albert's, first contact with the Truth, under the subheading "It Is The Truth". He described reading a booklet written by John Edgar of Glasgow, in these words:

"One Saturday night in the spring of 1913, Albert had gone to bed early in the dormitory of the YMCA, where he was living while working in Chicago. Later, his roommate burst into the room to explain a difficulty. He was invited that night to the home of a Mr. and Mrs. Hindman, and their daughter Nora was to have a girlfriend there at the house. Two girls would be too much for Albert’s roommate to handle by himself. With alacrity, Albert rose to the occasion. During the course of the evening, Albert’s roommate was getting along quite famously with the two young ladies. But Mr. and Mrs. Hindman concentrated on Albert, introducing to him the teachings of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

"Albert then sent me a booklet entitled Where Are the Dead? written by a Scottish doctor, John Edgar, a member of the Glasgow Congregation of the International Bible Students. At first, I laid the booklet aside. Then one evening, having a little time on my hands before going to choir practice, I began to read it. So interesting did I find it that I could not lay it down. I kept on reading it as I walked about a mile to the Presbyterian church. Since the church door was still locked, I sat on the cold stone steps and kept on reading. The organist came along and, noting how absorbed I was in what I was reading, said: “That must be something interesting.” I replied: “It sure is!”

"Since I so enjoyed the new truths I was learning, the thought occurred to me to ask the preacher, Dr. Watson, what he thought of this booklet. So that very evening, I handed him the booklet and asked: “Dr. Watson, what do you know about this?”

"He took the booklet, opened it up, and then sneered: “Oh, that must be some of that Russell stuff. What does he know about eschatology?” I was really taken aback by his contemptuous attitude. As I took the booklet back and turned away, I thought to myself: “I don't care what he thinks about it. This is the TRUTH!”

I am pleased to share this early booklet which had such far-reaching consequences for Jehovah's organization. It is in pdf format.

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