The Watch Tower

The Watch Tower magazine began publication in July 1879. Changing its name later to The Watchtower, it has been published continuously since then.
For those readers interested in Theocratic history I have here added a pdf file of the magazine of 1908 which I hope you will find of interest, and I thank Ben for supplying this for inclusion. These are scanned copies of the entire original magazines, rather than edited versions which are available on the internet, and for the accuracy of which I cannot vouch. Nothing but scanned originals are used for inclusion on Strictly Genteel.

My thanks go to Geoff for pointing out that page 277 is missing, page 276 being scanned twice. Unfortunately I have been uable to find a scan of the correct page.
Please be aware that this is a large file - 41Mb.


In 1918 The Watch Tower Society prepared a magazine edition of The Finished Mystery. This was the March 1st 1918 edition of the Watch Tower. This edition was held back while the book itself was under ban, but distribution of the magazine was made in 1920. It was referred to as ZG (Z for Zion's Watch Tower and G, the 7th letter of the alphabet, for the 7th volume of Studies In The Scriptures). See the 1975 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses p125 for more information.
A pdf file of this edition is here included, and again thanks are due to Ben for this file. This file is 71Mb.

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