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JEHOVAH especially used the prophets Elijah and Elisha to foretell the development and outworking of His purposes. In connection with them he also used Jehu to do a great slaughter work. Whom did Jehu foreshadow, and what is the meaning of the Jehu work? Vindication, Book Three, makes this matter plain and clear. It also discloses who will constitute the class known as "Millions Now Living [that] Will Never Die" and by whom that class was foreshadowed in the prophecy relating to the Jehu work.

Solomon built a great temple at Jerusalem. It was destroyed, and was rebuilt by Zerubbabel. Later that temple was removed, and another was built by Herod. The purpose and meaning of these temple buildings is also explained in this book.

Ezekiel was given a vision of a great and marvelous temple. That vision of Ezekiel concerning the temple has been a mystery for ages and generations, but now is due to be understood. The Scriptures and the physical facts both show that this prophecy was not due to be understood by God's people on earth until the year 1932. The explanation thereof is fully set forth in this Book Three of Vindication.


What is Jehovah's purpose in having the gospel preached by those whom he makes his witnesses? What are the divine requirements that must be met and measured up to by all those who will be made a part of the heavenly kingdom? Who will be the visible rulers of the peoples on earth, and approximately at what time will they be on earth? and how will the world be governed in righteousness? These questions and others of like interest are fully considered and answered in this book. Ezekiel's prophecy is corroborated by others of the holy prophets, and these, together with the physical facts showing fulfilment of such prophecies, make known how Jehovah God will completely vindicate his holy name.

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