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JEHOVAH'S holy name will be vindicated by the elimination of all unrighteousness from the universe. He has foretold as much by the mouth of his faithful prophets of old. Now he is causing such prophecy to be fulfilled and to be understood. Ezekiel's prophecy is devoted especially to the means Jehovah employs for the vindication of his name.

Vindication, Book Two, discloses the many enemies of Jehovah in and about the realms of "Christendom". It makes known the hypocritical religionists other than those who claim to be Christians and shows the destiny of such. It tells how Satan has commercialized the human race and why the commercial systems that control both the sea and the land have oppressed the people and reproached the name of Jehovah God. It shows Jehovah God will destroy oppressive commercialism and deliver the oppressed people into full light and liberty. The prophecy of Ezekiel, as explained in this book, shows also how Satan has builded his great organization, invisible and visible to man, by which he has exploited the people and reproached God's name, and why God has permitted Satan thus to do unhindered until the


present time. Herein is made known the chief officer of Satan that will lead the fight on the side of Satan at the battle of Armageddon and how that wicked organization, both visible and invisible, shall be completely destroyed. It tells of the complete downfall and destruction of Satan himself following the destruction of his organization and how the world will be cleaned up, and how the restoration of the people will proceed in righteousness. Above all, it shows the vindication of Jehovah's holy name.

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