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The Time Is At Hand


Study I

Special Times And Seasons Divinely Appointed

The times and seasons of divine appointment.-Why not more plainly stated.-In due time revealed.-Earnest desire to know the times and seasons commendable.-Mistakes of Adventists.-The real object of time prophecies.-Our present position.-The object of succeeding chapters.

Study II

Bible Chronology

Chronology necessary to an understanding of prophecy.-Indispensable data furnished in the Bible.-From the creation of Adam to A.D. 1873 was six thousand years.-A statement of Bible chronology in great periods.-Its examination in detail.-From creation to the day the flood was dried up.-To the Abrahamic Covenant.-To the giving of the Law.-To the division of Canaan among the tribes.-The period of the Judges.-The period of the Kings.-The period of the desolation.-To A.D. 1873.-Wherein this chronology differs from that of bishop Usher, noted in our English Bibles.-The true date of our Lord's birth.

Study III

The Fulfilment of Time-Prophecy a
The First Advent of Christ

The seventy weeks of Daniel's prophecy.-Events foretold to transpire within that time.-The time of Messiah's advent indicated, and a principle established by the manner in which it is indicated.-A key to other time-prophecies.-The time of Messiah's crucifixion indicated. -The special favor to Israel as a nation cut short in righteousness, but continued individually.-Anointing the most holy.-Trouble poured upon the desolate one.

Study IV

The Times Of The Gentiles

What are gentile times? -Their beginning; their length; their end A.D. 1914.-Attendant events.-Events to follow.-Literal and symbolic time.-A remarkable type.-Present indications.-God's Kingdom to overthrow Gentile rule.-Therefore organized before it ends - before A.D. 1914.-Why opposed by Gentile kingdoms.-How and why all will finally accept it joyfully.-"The desire of all nations shall come."

Study V

The Manner of Our Lord's Return and Appearing

Harmony of the manner of our Lord's second advent with other features of the divine plan.-How and when the church will see him.-How and when the glory of the lord will be so revealed that all flesh shall see it together.-Statements apparently conflicting shown to be harmonious.-He comes "as a thief," not with outward show; and yet "with a shout" - with "voices" - and "with the sound of a great trumpet."-"He shall be revealed in flaming fire taking vengeance," and yet, "He shall so come, in like manner," as he went away.-Importance of prophetic time in this connection shown.-Harmony of present indications

Study VI

Earth's Great Jubilee

"The times of restitution of all things" foretold by Moses.-The date of their beginning indicated.-They cannot begin until the great restorer has come.-Evidence from the law.-Corroborative testimony from the prophets.-Logical conclusions drawn from these as separately and unitedly considered.-Harmony of present indications.

Study VII

The Parallel Dispensations

The Jewish age as a type of the gospel age.-Remarkable parallelism or correspondency between the two dispensations.-yet they are distinct. -superiority of the Christian epoch, the antitype.-fleshly and spiritual Israel contrasted.-prominent parallels examined.-time parallels specially noticed.-period of fleshly Israel's favor.-time of their cutting off from favor.-the period of disfavor shown from prophecy to be equal to the period of favor.-apostolic testimony that their period of disfavor is the period for the high calling of spiritual Israel.-the length of the gospel age thus shown indirectly but clearly.-harmony of the Bible chronology, jubilee testimony, gentile times, and other prophecies with the lessons of these parallels unanswerable, conclusive and satisfying.

Study VIII

Elias Shall Come First

How this important prophecy stands related to the second advent. -A partial and typical fulfilment in John the Baptist. -The real fulfilment. -The vision on the holy mount. -Remarkable correspondencies between Elijah, the type, and the antitypical Elijah. -The time is at hand. -The outlook. -Elijah's successor, Elisha.

Study IX

The Man of Sin - Antichrist

Antichrist must be developed, revealed and smitten before the day of the Lord. - A contrary view of this subject considered. - Prophetic delineation. - Antichrist's birth. - His rapid development. - The historic picture and the Bible description agree. - His kingdom a counterfeit. - His head and mouth notable. - His great swelling words of blasphemy. - His blasphemous teachings. - His wearing out of the saints of the most high. - His millennial reign. - Antichrist smitten with the sword of the spirit. - His final struggle and end.

Study X

The Time Is At Hand

Nothing intervenes.-The establishment of Christ's kingdom, the work now in progress.-The testimony of prophecy concurs.-The worldly-wise see much.-The watching saints see more distinctly.- The importance to all, of open eyes in the right direction.

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