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You May Survive Armageddon
Into God's New World


God's New World After the Battle

THE new world will start out under the most promising conditions, with an overflow of joy in heaven and on earth. The universal troublemaker, Satan the Devil, together with his demons, will have been abyssed, not free and active to corrupt human society as he did after the flood of Noah's day. His oppressive, wicked earthly organization will have gone down in destruction before his eyes. Jehovah's universal sovereignty will have been vindicated for all time by his glorious victory through his Warrior King Jesus Christ. The winners in the war of Armageddon will not come out losers, terribly crippled, as by the forevisioned dreaded results of a nuclear-weapons war between nations of this world. The heavenly Victors will be gainers, and Jehovah God will have made a name for himself that will never be forgotten or profaned again anywhere in the boundless, everlasting universe. (Isaiah 63:12, 14; 2 Samuel 7:23) The victory will bind the triumphant creatures of heaven forever to Jehovah as God and universal Sovereign, and on earth the Armageddon survivors will celebrate his triumph more jubilantly than the Israelites did safe on the eastern side of the Red Sea after Jehovah had brought back the parted sea waters upon the trapped pursuing Egyptian military forces. Many will be the days that they will be collecting the

1. How will the new world start out under the most promising conditions for those on the winning side?

material spoils of the Armageddon victory, as the Jews under King Jehoshaphat did after Jehovah won the battle for them against the oncoming combined forces of Moab, Ammon and Mount Seir.  — Exodus 15:1-21; 2 Chronicles 20:1-25.

2 The desolations that Jehovah of armies will have wreaked on the enemy's visible organization may be everywhere visible on the earth, yet the Armageddon survivors will start out with a spiritual paradise in the fullest sense. The attack by the abased Satan or Gog of Magog will have failed to gain its objective, to strip them of Jehovah's name, favor, service and protection. He and his demons in the abyss will be unable to interfere with their service and worship of Jehovah and require them to fight spiritually against superhuman governments, authorities and world rulers of this darkness, and "wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places." The "wicked day" will have passed, and they will have stood firm in God's complete suit of armor" and come off completely victorious through God who has loved them. — Ephesians 6:11-18 and Romans 8:37, NW.

3 As for Satan's wicked servants on earth, "the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity." (Psalm 37:10, 11, RS) The religious buildings of hypocritical Christendom and the pagan temples of false gods will have been reduced to loathsome ruins like ancient Jerusalem's polluted temple and Samaria's temple of Baal, and the temple of Jehovah's pure worship will remain standing filled with unsurpassed glory. The remnant of "living stones" will be ministering there as Jehovah's anointed priests, and the "great crowd"

2,3. Though the desolations of the enemy organization may yet be visible, how will Armageddon survivors yet start out with a spiritual paradise?

of faithful worshipers from all the destroyed nations will keep on serving him day and night in true worship. "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea." (Habakkuk 2:14, AS) That spiritual paradise will never disappear from the "new earth."

4 In time, however, the literal earth will be cleared of the desolations upon the enemy and be transformed into a natural paradise of which the original paradise garden of Eden was but a sample. The beloved Son of God, Jehovah's fellow worker in planting that original paradise for Adam and Eve's home, gave a reliable promise that paradise would be re-established on earth and that he would be invisibly present in it. (Luke 23:43, NW) The Armageddon survivors, especially the "other sheep," will have the privilege and obligation of working at the restoring of this natural paradise and maintaining it, Jehovah's all-necessary blessings upon the soil and climate favoring the re-growth of it. Not only the war survivors, but also their children that will be born in the "new earth," will enjoy that delightful service. The war of Armageddon will not annul the marriage ties of couples that live through, nor will the bringing in of the new world with a "new earth" prohibit the marriage of survivors who are single. The original paradise of Eden witnessed the first human marriage; the paradise of the "new earth" will witness many marriages of the war survivors. The original paradise did not witness the birth of a baby in righteousness; the paradise of the "new earth" will witness the birth of babies in righteousness, to demonstrate actually God's ability to produce

4. However, what assurance have we that there will also be a natural paradise on earth? who will work at restoring and maintaining it, and what may be said of marriage and childbirth in it?

babies in an earthly paradise. Jesus, in prophesying on the "time of the end," said: "Just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be." — Matthew 24:37, NW.

5 Since the flood was a type of the war of Armageddon, it is reasonable that Noah's experience immediately after the flood when he came out of the ark of survival with his family should also be a type. "And God went on to bless Noah and his sons and to say to them: 'Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth.'" (Genesis 9:1, NW) Noah's sons and their wives proceeded to carry out this procreation mandate that corresponded with that given to Adam and Eve in the paradise of Eden. (Genesis 1:27, 28) Just what instructions Jehovah will issue to the antitypical sons and daughters-in-law of the Greater Noah to correspond with that, we do not know. He will, however, bless them with the fruit of the womb just as abundantly as he did the Israelites down in Egypt under less favorable conditions. (Exodus 1:7) He will allow them and their offspring to produce children to the extent that he wants them to people the earth with children righteously conceived. He will regulate this, by his controlling power, that a satisfying demonstration may be given on a sufficient scale of the fulfillment of the initial procreation mandate to perfect man and woman in Eden. This will be for the vindication of his original purpose, which may not fail to his reproach.  — Isaiah 45:12, 18; 46:9, 10.

6 Although mortal, those children conceived in righteousness will not then be born to die, inherit-

5. What mandate was issued to Noah and his sons after coming out of the ark, and what may we expect to correspond with this after Armageddon, and to give a demonstration of what?
6. Why will the surviving remnant die after Armageddon, but what will be opened up for the earthly "great crowd" of survivors and their children?

ing a condemnation to death. The earthly "great crowd" of Jehovah's worshipers will not be spared to survive Armageddon just to die some time later. True, the remnant of the "little flock" of Christ's joint heirs must follow his steps down into death, proving faithful until death in vindication of Jehovah's sovereign will. They must lay aside blood, flesh and bone, in order to be resurrected a "spiritual body" and be "conformed to his glorious body," for a "spirit does not have flesh and bones" and "flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom." (Philippians 3:20, 21; Luke 24:39 and 1 Corinthians 15:44, 50, NW) How Jehovah by his Greater Solomon, Jesus Christ, will accomplish the transfer of these "living stones" from their earthly situation to their place in the heavenly temple of which he is the Foundation Cornerstone is not yet discerned. (Revelation 14:13) But for the earthly "great crowd" of survivors the way will be opened up for uninterrupted, everlasting life in the new world. There will not, as a result of Armageddon, be any death-dealing clouds of radioactive particles or contaminated atmosphere floating around the globe for a thousand years, making life impossible or affecting the survivors' powers to bring forth normal children.

7 Humankind then will correspond with the twelve non-Levite tribes of Israel on the typical day of atonement. In the Most Holy of God's presence Jehovah's High Priest, the glorified Jesus Christ, will then apply the value of his human sacrifice in favor of his "other sheep," beginning with these Armageddon survivors. These will not receive a justification "by faith" in consequence of this, but will begin to receive actual physical

7. To whom will humankind then correspond on the day of atonement, and what will be the benefits of the application of the value of the atoning sacrifice in their behalf?

health benefits and healing in proof of the forgiveness of their sins. (Matthew 9:2-7) This will also be true of their natural offspring who, though born in righteousness after Armageddon, will be born of imperfect parents and hence themselves be still imperfect and in need of the life benefits of Jesus' atoning sacrifice. Hence, instead of growing older, weaker and impaired with age, they will grow young, strong and gradually freed from all blemishes and marks of imperfection. The ministry of the heavenly High Priest together with the 144,000 who will be his underpriests and "priests of God" will lift up the antitypical twelve tribes of Israel to human perfection by the end of the thousand years of Christ's reign. — Matthew 19:28, NW.

8 It follows that a "great crowd" of sheeplike worshipers of Jehovah now living before Armageddon will never die, not by a bodily rapture of them to the skies, but by the curative, perfecting powers of Christ's kingdom. (John 11:25, 26) They will not perpetuate old nations after Armageddon, nor will their offspring then born produce new nations as was true long after the Flood. No, but all will receive life through the one High Priest of Jehovah and will become his everlasting children. Thus he will acquire the title "Everlasting Father." "The government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6, AS) There will be no national or patriarchal governments of men. They will all have but the one Everlasting Father, who will be their one Royal Governor without a successor. Thus they will all be one undivided human family, all brothers.

8. How will a "great crowd" now living before Armageddon never die off earth, but all be one undivided human family, all brothers?

9 One other astonishing benefit of the High Priest's atoning sacrifice will be the resurrection of the dead. The King Jesus Christ will not only be High Priest, a royal priest like Melchizedek, but also be judge. He will judge who deserve to be raised from death to human life or who could profit from a resurrection of judgment. "For the Father judges no one at all, but he has committed all the judging to the Son. And he has given him authority to do judging, because Son of man he is. Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment." (John 5:22, 27-29, NW) The Judge knows the divine rule: "The memory of the righteous [man] shall be blessed; but the name of the wicked shall rot." (Proverbs 10:7, Da) Those "wicked" ones will include such rebellious ones as Adam and Eve, Cain, Judas Iscariot the betrayer of Jesus Christ, and the religious hypocrites to whom Jesus said: "Serpents, offspring of vipers, how are you to flee from the judgment of Ge-hen'na?" (Matthew 23:33, NW; John 6:70, 71; 17:12; 1 John 3:10-12) Gehenna was no place of memorial tombs, but was a place of destruction of refuse. For such wicked ones who go to the symbolic Gehenna there will be no "resurrection of judgment." (Matthew 10:28, NW) They perished.

10 The "resurrection of life" includes the "first resurrection," which is the resurrection to instantaneous perfection of life, spirit life, in which Jesus

9. What other astonishing benefit will there be from the atoning sacrifice, and who will judge as to the ones to enjoy that benefit or not? And who will not Scripturally enjoy it?
10. What is the "first resurrection," and, besides participants in that resurrection, whom will the "resurrection of life" also include?

himself participated and in which only the 144,000 joint heirs participate with him. (Revelation 20:5, 6; Colossians 1:18) Others who "did good things" in God's sight and who will share in the "resurrection of life" will be those of the "great crowd" of sheeplike persons who may die before Armageddon; also the faithful witnesses of Jehovah who died before Pentecost A.D. 33 when the holy spirit was poured out, namely, the pre-Christian witnesses from martyred Abel up to John the Baptist.

11 Reasonably their resurrection will be early after Armageddon, because many of these will be made theocratic princes in all parts of the earth. They will all become children of the Everlasting Father Jesus Christ, who laid down his human life for them. These will include many of the earthly forefathers of Jesus Christ, such as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. In the psalm addressed to him as the Bridegroom King it is said: "Instead of thy fathers shall be thy sons; princes shalt thou make them in all the earth." (Psalm 45:16, Da) When these pre-Christian witnesses of Jehovah receive their resurrection of life on earth they, too, will become "other sheep" of the Right Shepherd, who surrendered his soul for the life of all his sheep. (John 10:11, 15, 16, NW) Because these men did good as faithful witnesses of Jehovah they will be entrusted with princely or leading positions in the "new earth" as the visible representatives of their Everlasting Father, the King Jesus Christ. Even now before Armageddon and since Christ's enthronement A.D. 1914 many of the other sheep are occupying positions as theocratic princes with those of the remnant in the New World society; as it is written: "Behold, a king will reign in

11. (a) When will the resurrection of these latter ones take place, and why? (b) Will princely responsibilities carry through Armageddon with any survivors, and why?

righteousness, and princes will rule in justice. Each will be like a hiding-place from the wind, a covert from the tempest." (Isaiah 32:1, 2, RS) The Armageddon survivors will doubtless have these princely responsibilities carry through Armageddon with them.

12 As "there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous," those in the memorial tombs who "practiced vile things" will come forth to a "resurrection of judgment." (Acts 24:15, NW) This will include the friendlily disposed evildoer on the tree to whom Jesus, also on a tree, said: "Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise." (Luke 23:43, NW; Ro; Cureton; Lamsa; Reinhardt) Jesus Christ the Right Shepherd died for them, not to put them on judgment for their past vile lives, but to provide for them a period of judgment in the new world in hope of their reforming and practicing good things and deserving to be lifted up to human perfection, thus to be judged according to their future works under the Kingdom. They will have the opportunity to become "other sheep" by listening to the voice of the Shepherd King and obediently following him, that he may gather them into the "one flock." As Jehovah's High Priest, the Shepherd King will be able to apply the merit of his atoning sacrifice (typified by the blood of Jehovah's goat) in behalf of their sins. In that way their sins may be forgiven and canceled and they may be cured of their imperfections and brought to the image and likeness of God by the end of Christ's thousand-year reign. (Mark 2:5-12) If any resurrected ones then under judgment prove unreformable or turn rebellious after a sufficient period of trial, they may be executed, destroyed in the sec-

12. (a) For whom will there be a "resurrection of judgment," and what evildoer did Jesus include among them? (b) According to what will they be judged, and taw will the unreformable and rebellious be dealt with?

ond death, without further delay, their names never getting to be written in the book of life.

13 The resurrection of all in the memorial tombs to earthly life is pictured at Revelation 20:11-15. By the resurrection of all such mankind's common grave, which the Hebrew, Greek and English Scriptures call She'ol, Ha'des and hell, will be wiped out, pictured as being "hurled into the lake of fire. This means the second death, the lake of fire." (NW) Not only will She'ol, Ha'des or hell die, but the death that mankind inherited from Adam and that put dying mankind in She'ol, Ha'des or hell will also be hurled into the same symbolic lake and die out. That will be by the end of Christ's thousand-year reign as King when he finishes applying the merit of his human sacrifice as High Priest of God.

14 Then all those who have been cleansed and cured of every trace of condemnable sin and imperfection inherited from sinner Adam will be free of the death due to him. That death will thus itself have been put to death, in the second kind of death. After that, if any lifted up to a perfect human image and likeness of God die, it will not be a death traceable to Adam but be a death due to the perfect sinner's own willfulness and rebellion. It will be punished with that second kind of death from which there will be no resurrection from a memorial tomb, "second death." So at the end of Christ's millennial reign he turns over the perfected human race to stand trial before God, for only God is the one who can justify creatures to everlasting life. — Romans 8:33.

13. The resurrection of all in the memorial tombs will result in the death of what things, and when Will this be fully accomplished?
14. After the death of the death due to Adam, for what will any die after that and with what kind of death? Hence before whom must perfected mankind finally be put on trial?

15 How will perfect mankind in the earth-wide paradise then be put to the proof? In the original garden of Eden it was not necessary for a devil to come into existence to put Adam and Eve to the test; the prohibition upon the "tree of the knowledge of good and bad" was means enough for God to prove their integrity to him. But Satan the Devil put in question God's ability to enable any of Adam's descendants to keep integrity to him as universal Sovereign. Since Satan the Devil raised the question, he has injected himself into the testing process. Inasmuch as perfected mankind in the paradise of the "new earth" will know also what good and bad are, it will not be fitting to replant the tree of knowledge of good and bad and test mankind by a prohibition upon it. Satan the Devil is the proper one, with his demons, to be used as God's instrument to test the enduring quality of man's integrity to God.

16 Hence at the end of the thousand years Satan and his demons will be let loose from the abyss, but not admitted back to heaven. His spiritual "land of Magog" was destroyed, burned up, a thousand years before then. He is no longer god and ruler of the world, hence no longer "prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal." Letting them loose will lead, not to the restoration of the "wild beast" and the "false prophet" and to a new battle of Armageddon, but to an attack upon the "new earth." This will be at the same time an attack upon the "new heavens," the New Jerusalem, which that "new earth" represents visibly. By then perfected mankind will have been sanctified by the

15. Why will perfected mankind in paradise properly be put to the proof, not by means of a tree of knowledge of good and bad, but by means of Satan and his demons?
16. The loosing of Satan and his demons from the abyss will lead to what attack, and for what reason will any on earth get misled by them, and how many?

atoning blood of the King Priest Jesus and will be holy ones. (Hebrews 13:12, NW) Satan and his demons will want to have earthly allies in this attempt to overthrow Jehovah's universal sovereignty as regards the earth, to turn all mankind to Satan. He will go out to mislead as many as he can and thus try to prove God a liar as to man's integrity. The Revelation foresees that he will mislead many, who will yield to Satan for selfish reasons just as perfect Adam did in Eden. These many misled ones from the four quarters of the earth are likened to the nations that assaulted the New World society at Armageddon and are therefore also called "Gog and Magog." They are as indefinite in number as the "sand of the sea," though they might not be over 144,000.

17 The Revelation's advance report of this tells what follows: "And they advanced over the breadth of the earth and encircled the camp of the holy ones and the beloved city. But fire came down out of heaven and devoured them. And the Devil who was misleading them was hurled into the lake of fire and sulphur, where both the wild beast and the false prophet already were [for a thousand years]; and they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever [by being restrained as an odious, condemnable example there forever], . . . This means the second death, the lake of fire. Furthermore, whoever was not found written in the book of life was hurled into the lake of fire." (Revelation 20:7-10, 14, 15, NW) Satan and his demons are not hurled back into the abyss to a deathlike inactivity, but are plunged into the symbolic lake of fire of second death, absolute destruction from which there is no release. (Hebrews 2:14) Those perfected humans who selfishly let

17. What happens to the spirit attackers and to the human attackers against the "new earth" and the heavenly government?

themselves be misled by Satan and his demons and who attack the camp of the holy ones and the beloved city are not "found written in the book of life." So they are hurled into the same symbolic fiery lake of second death where Satan and his demons are hurled. These particular ones who are misled into the attack upon the "new earth" and the heavenly government are also pictured as having fire come down from heaven and devour them. The wicked souls are destroyed, being condemned, not justified by God.

18 The holy ones, camped on the side of Jehovah's universal sovereignty, will not be misled or be regimented into Satan's earthly forces. The holy ones will resist and remain firm for Jehovah as God and Universal Sovereign and for his "beloved city," the New Jerusalem, as the new world's rightful government. They will hold fast their integrity and show unchangeable decision for righteousness until Satan's loosing for a little while ends in his own destruction and in the destruction of all his demons and misled human dupes. God will be vindicated as true by their unbreakable steadfastness and he will judge them worthy of the right to everlasting life in the earthly paradise. He will accordingly justify them, and the names of these unchangeably righteous ones will be "written in the book of life." The prophecy of long ago will then stand vindicated: "He hath swallowed up death for ever; and the Lord Jehovah will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the reproach of his people will he take away from off all the earth: for Jehovah hath spoken it." (Isaiah 25:8, AS; Romans 8:33) The "new earth" will thus remain forever, uncorrupted, irreproachable.

18. What will the holy ones camped on God's side do, and what will God do to them in reward, completely fulfilling Isaiah 25:8?

19 The apostle John had unveiled to him in symbolic signs the heart-enrapturing state that will then obtain. He describes it in these words: "I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea [that produced the wild beast of Satan's visible organization] is no more. I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: 'Look! the tent of God is with humankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be any more. The former things have passed away.' And [God] the one seated on the throne said: 'Look! I am making all things new.' " — Revelation 21:1-5, NW.

20 With all the former things gone, including death inherited from Adam, mourning, outcry and pain traceable to Adam's rebellion and Satan's misrule, tear-filled eyes, the Devil's world and its lusts and ungodliness, the Revelation vision leaves the righteous world of all things new before our gaze. Endlessly, changelessly it will continue in that blessed state. Jehovah's spirit will permeate the whole new world. The fruitage of his spirit, which is love with all its attendant amiable qualities, will prevail, love first to God with all one's heart, mind, soul and strength, and love for one's perfect, godly neighbor as for oneself. In that new world "love never fails." It will be as immortal as God. "God is love." — Galatians 5:22, 23; Mark 12:28-31; 1 Corinthians 13:8, NW; 1 John 4:8,16.

19. In what words does John describe the state that will then obtain?
20. Thus the Revelation leaves the new world in what state before our gaze, how long will it continue thus, and what will never fail in it?

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