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"The hope of the righteous"

This book is dedicated


JEHOVAH'S opposer and arch enemy is Satan. From the time of Eden onward Satan has endeavored to interfere with God's purposes. Jehovah gave his word that he would in his own due time bring forth a people that will do right and be faithful and true to him. Every human creature that has honestly tried to be true and faithful to Jehovah God has been assaulted and persecuted by Satan and his agents. Being more powerful than human creatures Satan would have destroyed all of those faithful to God except for the protection Jehovah has given them. Preservation means to hedge about, guard and protect against the wicked assaults of Satan. This Jehovah God does for those who are faithful and true to him.

The book of Esther, a part of the Bible, and now due to be understood, is a beautiful and striking illustration of Jehovah God's protecting care of those who are steadfast in their devotion to righteousness and who serve God with a pure heart. The book of Esther is a record of a prophetic drama directed by Jehovah to show his faithful witnesses at the end of the world his provision made for their protection and complete preservation, and is therefore a comfort to all such.

That book of the Bible called Ruth is also a record of a wonderful prophetic drama directed by Jehovah God. Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz are the principal players in that drama, which clear-


ly shows Jehovah's provision for the protection and preservation from all evil of those who love him. The players in that drama did not understand its purpose at the time, and no man since then could possibly understand the meaning thereof until God's due time for it to be understood.

The books of Esther and Ruth are divine records of two outstanding prophetic dramas set forth in the Word of God for the instruction of those on earth at the end of the world, where we now are, and who really love and serve Jehovah. Because the due time for the understanding of these great truths therein contained has come it seems pleasing to Jehovah to set forth in this volume the explanation of both of such books. All who are anxious to see the complete triumph of righteousness on the earth, and especially those who are devoted to God and to his kingdom, will read this book PRESERVATION with the keenest interest and with much profit.

The final conflict between the wicked and the righteous is just at hand, and in this great crisis no man could preserve himself; but those who fully trust in Jehovah He will preserve. Just now we are in "that day" of the Lord; hence to those who diligently seek to know the will of God, and who unselfishly obey and serve him, he says: "The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out, and thy coming in, from this time forth, and even for evermore." —Ps. 121:7,8.

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