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JEHOVAH'S NAME must be made known to all creation. 'Jehovah of Hosts, that is my name.' (Jer. 10:16, A.R.V.) That means that he is the Almighty God of war, commanding forces invincible to all foes. He engages only in righteous warfare for the purpose of vindicating his name and for the good of all his creatures who desire righteousness. He made the heavens and the earth and the fullness thereof, and all living creatures receive life from his gracious hand. It is therefore of most vital importance to his creatures that they know Jehovah.

Foreknowing that the day would come when all creation must choose either to follow Satan and die or to obey Jehovah and live, the Most High caused a record of his purpose to be made. In making this record he used trusted and true men wholly devoted to him, and who joyfully obeyed him. (2 Pet. 1:21) Among such holy prophets thus used was Zechariah. The prophecy recorded by Zechariah was given in connection with the building of the temple at Jerusalem by Zerubbabel, where Jehovah put his name. Zerubbabel was a type of Christ Jesus, the Head and Builder of Jehovah's temple or royal palace. The fulfilment of the prophecy necessarily


takes place after the coming of Christ Jesus to the temple of Jehovah for judgment and while the antitypical temple is in course of construction. For that reason it is now God's due time for the prophecy of Zechariah to be understood by those who love and serve God. Among some of the thrilling truths that the prophecy discloses are the following:

After the eviction of Satan from heaven Christ Jesus, accompanied by his holy angels, makes an inspection of things on the earth, particularly with reference to the organization of "Christendom" and of his own faithful and true people. Then preparation begins for the great and final battle which is known as "Armageddon". Jehovah calls upon Satan to get ready for that fight.

To prepare his own people Jehovah by the hand of Christ Jesus brings them out from captivity to Satan's organization and begins to unfold to them vital truths which bring great consolation and peace to the faithful. The approved ones he then brings into his temple and anoints them. Then the Lord makes known to the anointed remnant that they must be wholly and completely obedient to him that they may be prepared to have a part in the great battle soon to follow.

The prophecy discloses Jehovah's curse of vengeance upon the enemy organization and the


certain doom that awaits all who oppose God, and he directs his faithful witnesses to bear testimony concerning the same to the peoples of the nations that they may have an opportunity to choose whom they will serve.

The prophecy shows Christ Jesus the great Prophet, Priest and King being triumphantly presented as the righteous Ruler of the earth, and his coming being hailed by the faithful with shouts and great rejoicing. Jehovah's witnesses are sent forth to tell this and other vital truths to the nations of the earth, and their testimony greatly enrages the enemy. The dividing of the people is the result. The faithful remnant on earth are completely separated from all others in order that they may be clean and wholly devoted to Jehovah and faithfully perform the duties as his representatives on earth.

The prophecy shows the two opposing armies assembled for war. Jehovah's army is under the immediate command of Christ Jesus, and the army of Satan is under the immediate command of Gog. Then Jehovah comes forth to direct the fight. He is pictured as standing upon the mountain, and at the touch of his feet the mountain separates, forming a great valley between the two mountains. From between these two mountains come forth the war chariots of the Almighty rushing into battle, and then follows a description of the most terrible war that


will ever have been fought. That is the end of war.

The battle of the great day of God Almighty results in the release of all who love righteousness and in the complete destruction of all who willfully work wickedness. The obedient ones then become wholly devoted to God, and the great long-hoped-for period of everlasting peace and prosperity on earth comes to stay.

Jehovah now is commanding this testimony to be given in the earth. Christ Jesus is the great witness, and he has committed to the faithful remnant who are members of his organization the work of delivering this testimony on the earth. The purpose of the testimony is to afford the people an opportunity to take their stand on the side of Jehovah and live, and that the name of the Most High may be made known and entirely vindicated. Every person who desires to live should carefully consider the prophecy as explained in this book.

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