From Paradise Lost To Paradise Regained

In 1958 the Watchtower Society produced this much-loved publication. The book, released at the 1958 Convention, was enthusiastically received:

"Thursday afternoon, July 31, was paradisaic in both its assembly and in what it produced. The surroundings of the speakers’ platforms of both stadiums were paradisaic in their physical beauty. The audience of 145,488 all roundabout were enjoying a feast of Christian association and Kingdom truths in a spiritual paradise. Their appreciation of this fact was sharpened by the speech of the Society’s president entitled “Maintaining Our Spiritual Paradise.” He crowned the occasion by his entirely unexpected display and release of the glowingly beautiful, handsomely illustrated book of 256 pages, bearing the title “From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained.”

"The book on Paradise had been published, not with children in mind, but for the purpose of satisfying the need and craving of adult persons in many lands who needed a primary or elementary manner of approach to the pure truths of God’s Word."

Preparation of this book in html form would have entailed an enormous amount of work to incorporate the lovely illustrations, so this presented in pdf format.

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