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JEHOVAH makes known his purposes to his obedient creatures in his own due time. In obedience to his will his beloved Son came to earth and suffered death. God raised Jesus up out of death and exalted him to the highest place in the universe. Clothed with all power and authority and made the Executive Officer of Jehovah, Jesus knew that by and through his kingdom Satan and his organization would be destroyed, wickedness wiped out, and the word and name of his Father would be completely vindicated. Doubtless he was anxious to proceed to the completion of that glorious work; but Jehovah said to him, Wait until my due time to make the enemy thy footstool. Jesus knew that he was to have associated with him other faithful creatures taken from amongst men and made like unto himself and that these with him would constitute God's 'elect servant'.

When on earth, Jesus emphasized above all other things the importance of the kingdom of God. He told his faithful followers that he would go away and prepare a place for them and return and receive them. In heaven God gave Jesus Christ The Revelation, and he sent his angels and caused John to write The Revelation in sign language. No man then understood it, but the expressed will of God was that his servants should understand it in his due time. The Revelation would show his servants the things that must shortly come to pass, and those hearing and obeying the message of that Revelation would be greatly blessed.

All who love God, his beloved Son, and his kingdom, have been eager to understand The Revelation. Students have prayerfully and earnestly sought the meaning thereof. Prior to 1930 there never was a


satisfactory explanation of The Revelation published, the manifest reason being that it was not God's due time for his servants to have an understanding thereof. The Scriptures were written chiefly for the aid, encouragement and comfort of the faithful on earth at the end of the world. Therefore it is to be expected that the feet members of Christ would be given an understanding of The Revelation while in the flesh.

The Scriptural and supporting evidence is now clear to his people that Christ Jesus came to his temple in 1918 and began to take account with his servants, and that those whom he found faithful he approved and made a part of "The Servant". These are designated the remnant, to whom has been committed the testimony of Jesus Christ. Since that time the Lord has given to his people the key to the understanding of The Revelation. It now seems clear that it is God's due time for his servants to understand that great prophecy so long clothed in mystery. A blessed time is therefore at hand for those who read and understand and obey.

With profound gratitude to God Light is published, setting out the text of The Revelation and a brief statement of the facts showing fulfilment of that great prophecy. For convenience it is issued in Books One and Two. No credit is due and none should be given to any man for what appears herein. The Revelation is God's, given to his beloved Son for the benefit of his servants and sent to them by the angels of the Lord. Those who delight to feed upon the truth will read it with profit and joyfully pass it on to others that they too may be blessed and join in the song of praise to Jehovah's name.


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