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Can You Help?

There have been some great donations of material recently, and I am indebted to Paul for some excellent additions. There are, however, many 'gaps' to be filled and it may be that you have something in your own collection that would consider scanning for us (or photocopying and sending) so that it can add to the resources available here.

I have listed here some of the material that we would particularly like to get in order to complete certain sections.

Missing items


1927 February-May
1926, June
1925, January, April, May, September. Letter of Instructions to Directors
1924, March, April, May, July, November, December
1923, January, February, March
1922, January, February, April, May, June, December.
1921, January.
1920, April Workers, April Directors, June Directors, July workers, August workers, August Directors, September Workers, September Directors, October Directors, November Directors, December Workers, December Directors. (March and July Director edition when Canadian edition is different since the ones we have are Canadian)
1919 November 15 part 2 and any before this date (we have December 15 Workers and Directors edition and Nov. 15 Part 1)

Hints To Colporteurs

1919 any Hints to Colporteurs, 1918 March to December, 1917, Sept, Oct, Dec. any before 1917 and specials and supplement.
1912 seems to be 1 issue and is available

Issues of the Bible Examiner

(I have 1843, 1848 issue 4-12, 1849 issue 5, 6, 8-11, 1876 issue 9-12,1877-1880)

Souvenir Convention Reports

(missing 1904,1908 Putt-in-Bay, Jamaica and Nashville, 1913 and 1914)

Bible Students Monthly

Volume 1, issue 1,2,3,5,11 and 12. Volume 4 issue 7, Volume 8 issue 1, Volume 9 issue 12 and later issues from other Countries)

People's Pulpit and Everybody's Paper

Issues from People's Pulpit and Everybody's Paper and other rare tracts and related items. (I would like a better copy of the Billy Arp Slip)

Old Theology Quarterly

No 4, 17, 18, 24, 28 (I miss the last pages), 30 extra, 32, 33 Dutch, 55, 65, 66, 67 Dutch, 73, 78, 82.

If you have any of these (or a photocopy) and would be willing to scan them (or send a photocopy so that I can scan them myself), please consider sharing them. Also a few are scanned from bad photocopies or have a hole affecting text if you have those in better quality we would appreciate a better scan.

Since only a few people will have all, this file is made by scans from several people and by helping each other we have been able to get a file with a lot more than what only one person would get. If you have any of these or for example missing other rare items like broadcasters or other service instructions like those from Great Britain, Australia, letters from Russell or associates, Australian Consolations etc. we would be pleased if we could get a copy.

Submissions of material may be attached to emails addressed to "webmaster at strictlygenteel dot co dot uk". I am sure you can sort out an e-mail address from that information, while I avoid the nuisance mail that comes from automated scanning of websites for addresses! I will pass the material to Paul for his collection and hopefully he will give permission for such to be made available here too.


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