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Henry Grew and George Storrs

In recent years the names of these two men have become much more widely known to Jehovah's Witnesses as early pioneers of Bible truths. A recent Watchtower magazine suggested that they may have been anointed brothers, in that Jehovah has always had anointed brothers on the earth since the days of the apostles. They certainly were influential in making known Bible truths as they understood them.

Some readers may find their writings of interest, and some of their books are available on other sites. I am not sure of the provenance of the books contained there, nor of the spiritual position of the owners and administrators of those sites. Some of their books are, however, available in pdf format from Google and it is those works I have decided to include on this site, for the convenience of those who wish to look at them. I am hopeful of adding a possible html version at a future date.

Clicking the links will open the pdf file (or you may prefer to download the file).


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