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The Revelation



This posthumous work of Pastor Russell (arranged for use as a textbook) is much condensed, including the extracts from the Pastor's pen, all of which are referred back to his works. The abbreviations used are:

A, B, C, D,E, FThe six preceding volumes of "STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES".
(Citations to E in italic figures refer to old editions, figures in ordinary type to later editions.)
H....................."What Say the Scriptures ABOUT HELL?"
P-D................. "PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION" Scenario.
T....................."TABERNACLE SHADOWS."
S....................."SPIRITISM" Pamphlet.
Z......................"ZION'S WATCH TOWER," followed by year and page.

The citations to REVELATION and EZEKIEL refer to the comments herein, as well as to the Bible text.
Other abbreviations used are:

Barnes..........Barnes' "Revelation".
Brit................."Encyclopedia Britannica."
Buck..............Buck's "Theological Dictionary".
Coffin............Coffin's "Story of Liberty".
Cook.............Cook's "Revelation" ; a compendium of the presentations of seventy-two leading commentators on Revelation, in all languages and all ages of the Church.
Edgar............Edgar's "Pyramid Passages". Vol. II.
McC...............McClintock and Strong Encyclopedia.
Mosheim......Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History.
S. B. D...........Smith's Bible Dictionary.
Smith.............Smith's "Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation".
Weym............Weymouth's New Testament in Modern Speech.




10:1. And I saw another angel. — "The Messenger of the Covenant," the Lord Jesus. — Mal. 3:1.
Come down from Heaven. — At the time of the Second Advent, Oct. 1874. — Rev. 3:20.
Clothed with a cloud. — "'He cometh with clouds;' and while the clouds of trouble are heavy and dark, when the mountains (kingdoms of this world) are trembling and falling, and the earth (organized society) is being shaken, disintegrated, melted, some will begin to realize what we now proclaim as already at hand — that Jehovah's Anointed is taking to Himself His great power and beginning His work of laying justice to the line and righteousness to the plummet. (Isa. 28:17.)" — B138.
And [a rainbow was] THE HAIR upon His head, and His face was as it were the sun, and His feet as pillars of fire. — See Rev. 1:14-16; 7:2; 18:1.
10:2. And [He had] HAVING in His hand. —In His power, given to Him by the Father. — Rev. 5:7, 5.
A little book open. — The Present Truth message. — C89.
And He set His right foot. — Exerted the strongest power of restraint.
Upon the sea. — The masses not under religious control, who, without the Lord's control of the situation, would have long since swallowed up the present order of things.  — Rev. 7:1-3; Luke 21:25; Psa. 46:2, 3.
And His left foot on the earth. — "Throughout the Scriptures, earth, when used symbolically, represents society; seas, the restless, turbulent, dissatisfied masses of the world." — A318.
10:3. And cried with a loud voice. — With an emphatic message. Pastor Russell was the mouthpiece used. — Rev. 7:2.
As when a lion roareth. — Symbolical of Justice. — Rev. 4:7; Amos 3:8.
And when. — In 1881 A. D.
He had cried. — With the first great cry, "Food for Thinking Christians," 1,400,000 copies given away, free.
Seven thunders. — Seven volumes of "STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES." — Rev. 8:5.
Uttered their voices. — Gave out their messages; were foreseen as necessary to the complete statement of the Plan, and the fulfillment of this and other Scriptures.
10:4. And [when] WHATSOEVER the seven thunders had uttered [their voices], I. — Pastor Russell as a representative of the John class.
Was about to write. — Intended to put on paper at once.
And I heard a voice from Heaven. — The guidance of the Heavenly Father, directing and overruling, knowing that the results would be better if the interest of His little ones were sustained by expectancy throughout the whole time of Harvest, rather than to give them all the light at once. — John 16:12.
Saying [unto me], Seal up [those] WHAT things [which] SOEVER the seven thunders uttered. — Do not immediately disclose their full contents. — Dan. 8:26; 12:4, 9.
And write them not. — Observe how the Lord retarded the publications: Vol. I was published in 1886. "In sending forth this first volume of the MILLENNIAL DAWN, it is but proper that we apologize to the many friends who have waited for it so patiently since promised." (A3.) Volume II was published in 1889, and III in 1891. "Some have urged greater haste in the writing and publishing of the several volumes of this series, and, to a large extent,I have shared the same feelings of impatience; but my observations of the Lord's dealings and leadings and unfoldings of His Plan are gradually convincing me that He has not shared our impatience. Indeed, I can clearly trace His hand in some of the hindrances encountered and can realize by the delay I have been enabled to grasp the subjects more thoroughly, and to present them more fully, than if the work had been hastened more. Not only has this delay worked for my good and yours, but in another way also. It has afforded time for a more thorough digestion of the truths of each volume, and thereby has given to the faithful student the very necessary preparation for that which was to follow. And not only so, but it has also given opportunity for practicing the lessons learned, and for exercising the talents of each in spreading the advancing light before others of God's saints." (C12.) Volume IV was published in 1897, V in 1899, VI in 1904 and VII in 1917. This makes a total lapse of 36 years from the publication of FOOD FOR THINKING CHRISTIANS to the last volume of the SCRIPTURE STUDIES. Meantime the Harvest work grew to a movement of vast proportions; and Volume VII was delayed.
10:5. And the angel which I saw. — The Lord Jesus, since 1874. — Rev. 10:1.
Stand upon the sea and upon the earth. — In control of the masses not under religious restraint as well as order-loving society.
Lifted up His RIGHT hand to Heaven. — The seventh angel was in that hand when He did so. — Rev. 1:16, 20.
10:6. And sware by Him that liveth for ever and ever. — By Jehovah, His Father and our Father, His God and our God. — John 20:17.
Who created Heaven, and the things that therein are. — "The heavens declare the glory of God." — Psa. 19:1-6; Neh. 9:6; Rev. 4:11; 14:7.
And the earth, and the things that therein are, [and the sea, and the things which are therein]. — "When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." — Job 38, 39, 40 and 41 chapters.
That there [should be] IS time no longer. — ''There shall be no further delay." — Weym.
10:7. But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel. — Our Lord, by his servant Pastor Russell.
When he shall begin to sound. — In the autumn of 1881, at which time FOOD FOR THINKING CHRISTIANS was circulated, and the General Call ceased. — Rev. 11:15.
The mystery of God [should be] WAS finished. — "The great unfolding of the Divine mystery we are expressly told was reserved until the close of the Gospel Age." (Z.'97-256.) "The Plan ceases to be a mystery, because) there is no further object in perpetuating its secrecy. The greatness of the mystery, so long kept secret, and the wonderful grace bestowed on those called to fellowship in this mystery (Eph. 3:9), suggest to us that the work to follow its completion must be an immense work, worthy of such great preparations. What may we not expect in blessings upon the world, when the veil of mystery is withdrawn and the showers of blessing descend! It is this for which the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now, waiting for the completion of this mystery, for the manifestation of the Sons of God, the promised 'Seed' in whom they shall all be blessed. — Rom. 8:19, 21, 22." (A87.) "While the door stands open, it indicates that any believer who is anxious to enter and ready to comply with the conditions may yet do so, even though the general 'call' or invitation to enter is no longer sent out. The opportunity to labor and sacrifice has not yet closed though the general call ceased in 1881." — C213.
As He hath declared to His servants. — The Harvest Workers.
AND the Prophets. —Daniel (12:4-12) and Habakkuk (2:1-3). — Rev. 1:1.
10:8. And the Voice which I heard from Heaven. — The Heavenly Father's voice. — Rev. 10:4.
Spake unto me again. — By His Holy Spirit
And said. —Through the Bible, His Word, His Voice.
Go take the little book. — "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed." — 2 Tim. 2:15.
Which is open in the hand of the angel. — The Lord Jesus. Rev. 10:1, 5.
Which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. — See Rev. 10:2, 5.
10:9. And I went unto the angel. — "In coming out of bondage to human traditions, creeds, systems and errors, we are coming directly to our Lord, to be taught and fed by Him, to be strengthened and perfected to do His pleasure, and to stand, and not fall with Babylon." — C167.
And said unto Him. — By my act in obeying His command. — Rev. 18:4.
Give me the little book. — Take me into Your confidence; give me Your Holy Spirit; show me, as promised, the "things to come." — John 16:13.
And He said unto me, Take it, and eat it up. — "It is absolutely useless for us to pray Lord, Lord, give us the Spirit, if we neglect the Word of Truth which that Spirit has supplied for our filling." — E245, 225; Ezek. 2:8.
And it shall make thy belly bitter. — Lead to self-sacrifice, with its attendant sufferings, but create an appetite for more. "The after effects are always more or less blending of the bitterness of persecution with the sweetness." — C89; Ezek. 2:10; 3:14; Dan. 8:27.
But it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. — "O the blessedness." — Dan. 12:12; Psa. 19:10; 119:103.
10:10. And I took the little book out of the angel's hand and ate it up. — "Thy words were found and I did eat them; and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart." — Jer. 15:16.
And it was in my mouth sweet as honey. — "So I opened my mouth, and He caused me to eat that roll. And it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness." — Ezek. 3:2, 3.
And as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was [bitter] FILLED. — "It satisfies my longings as nothing else could do."
10:11. And [He said] THEY SAY unto me. — ^The Scriptures do the saying.
Thou must prophesy again. — Continue to proclaim the Message of Truth Divine.
Before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. — Until it has been fully testified to all. — 1 Tim. 2:6. The concluding word of this Scripture suggests that the last witness of the church in the flesh is, like their Lord's, as alleged malefactors, before earth's rulers.
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