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This posthumous work of Pastor Russell (arranged for use as a textbook) is much condensed, including the extracts from the Pastor's pen, all of which are referred back to his works. The abbreviations used are:

A, B, C, D,E, FThe six preceding volumes of "STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES".
(Citations to E in italic figures refer to old editions, figures in ordinary type to later editions.)
H....................."What Say the Scriptures ABOUT HELL?"
P-D................. "PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION" Scenario.
T....................."TABERNACLE SHADOWS."
S....................."SPIRITISM" Pamphlet.
Z......................"ZION'S WATCH TOWER," followed by year and page.

The citations to REVELATION and EZEKIEL refer to the comments herein, as well as to the Bible text.
Other abbreviations used are:

Barnes..........Barnes' "Revelation".
Brit................."Encyclopedia Britannica."
Buck..............Buck's "Theological Dictionary".
Coffin............Coffin's "Story of Liberty".
Cook.............Cook's "Revelation" ; a compendium of the presentations of seventy-two leading commentators on Revelation, in all languages and all ages of the Church.
Edgar............Edgar's "Pyramid Passages". Vol. II.
McC...............McClintock and Strong Encyclopedia.
Mosheim......Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History.
S. B. D...........Smith's Bible Dictionary.
Smith.............Smith's "Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation".
Weym............Weymouth's New Testament in Modern Speech.




30:1, 2. The Word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, Son of Man, prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord God, Howl ye, Woe worth the day. — Thus saith Jehovah: Weep, and cry! O woeful day!
30:3. For the day is near, even the day of the Lord is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen. — The day is near, the day of Jehovah, a gloomy day — the time of infidel anarchy! — Joel 1:15; Zeph. 1:7.
30:4. And the sword shall come upon Egypt, and great pain shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt, and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down. — The weapons of anarchy and the Sword of the Spirit shall come against worldly Christendom. Great distress shall be upon non-church members (Ethiopia, black) socialists, laborites and revolutionists, when Christendom's slain shall fall literally and spiritually, when her multitude shall abandon her, and when her foundations — social, economic, moral and religious — shall be broken down in war, revolution and anarchy.
30:5. Ethiopia, and Libya, and Lydia, and all the mingled people, and Chub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword. — The worst peoples, darker religiously and morally — the socialists, laborites and revolutionists, in touch with worldly Christendom — shall fall with Christendom by literal weapons and by the Word of God.
30:6. Thus saith the Lord; They also that uphold Egypt shall fall; and the pride of her power shall come down: from the tower of Syene shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the Lord God. — All supporters of worldly Christendom shall fall; her pride of power shall be humbled; from end to end of Christendom shall they fall.
30:7. And they shall be desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities shall be in the midst of the cities that are wasted. — Worldly Christendom shall be utterly desolated.
30:8. And they shall know that I am the Lord, when I have set a fire in Egypt, and when all her helpers shall be destroyed. — They shall know that Jehovah permitted an-
archy to start in Christendom, and will recognize Him, when they see that all their helpers are destroyed.


30:9. In that day shall messengers go forth from me in ships to make the careless Ethiopians afraid, and great pain shall come upon them, as in the day of Egypt: for, lo, it cometh. — At the time of Christendom's fall, the message from God shall be borne by independent religious organizations to the too-confident socialists, laborites, and revolutionists that shall make them afraid of anarchy, and great distress shall ensue upon them, as in Christendom's fall.
30:10. Thus saith the Lord God; I will also make the multitude of Egypt to cease by the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon. — God will make the multitude of adherents to worldly Christendom to cease adhering to her, by the power of revolution and anarchy and their instigator, the Devil.
30:11. He and his people with him, the terrible of the nations, shall be brought to destroy the land: and they shall draw their swords against Egypt, and fill the land with the slain. — Satan and his followers — devils and humans — the most terrible of all the nations — the anarchists  — shall destroy Christendom's worldly order of things. They shall attack Christendom with their weapons and fill the land with their slain — as will the Sword of the Spirit with those slain spiritually.
30:12. And I will make the rivers dry, and sell the land into the hand of the wicked: and I will make the land waste, and all that is therein, by the hand of strangers: I the Lord have spoken it. — God will cause the denominations to become dry of members and of money, will give the order of things over into the power of the wicked anarchists, and will desolate Christendom's order of things and all belonging to it, literally by the power of anarchists, strangers to the existing order of things, and spiritually by the sons of God.
30:13. Thus saith the Lord God; I will also destroy the idols, and I will cause their images to cease out of Noph; and there shall be no more a prince of the land of Egypt: and I will put a fear in the land of Egypt. — God will destroy Christendom's idols of love of gold, power, etc (Jer. 43:12, 13), and will cause these gods to cease among the more prosperous people of Christendom (Noph was the Delta and richer part of Egypt); and there shall be no
more an exalted class, a worldly clergy class, in Christendom; but God will put in her fear and falling of heart.
30:14. And I will make Pathros desolate, and will set fire in Zoan, and will execute judgments in No. — God will make the upper classes (Pathros, upper Egypt), desolate, will permit anarchy and destruction to start among them (Zoan, capital of Egypt), and will execute retributive judgments upon the leaders of the upper classes (No, capital of Upper Egypt).
30:15. And I will pour My fury upon Sin, the strength of Egypt; and I will cut off the multitude of No. — God will pour His fury upon Papacy, the strength of worldly Christendom, and will cut off the multitudes that support the upper classes.
30:16. And I will set fire in Egypt: Sin shall have great pain, and No shall be rent asunder, and Noph shall have distresses daily. — God will let anarchy start in Christendom. Papacy shall have great distress; the upper classes shall be rent asunder, and the lower classes shall suffer daily distress.
30:17. The young men of Aven and of Pi-beseth shall fall by the sword: and these cities shall go into captivity. — The young men who follow Christendom's vain show (Aven, vanity), and her honors (Pi-beseth, very exalted), shall fall by the sword of anarchy; for these things shall come to their end in anarchy.
30:18,19. At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be darkened, when I shall break there the yokes of Egypt: and the pomp of her strength shall cease in her: as for her, a cloud shall cover her, and her daughters shall go into captivity. Thus will I execute judgments in Egypt: and they shall know that I am the Lord. — For the lower classes also (Tehaphnehes, in Lower Egypt), it shall be a dark day when God breaks the bondage imposed by worldly Christendom. Her pompous power shall cease. A cloud of trouble shall cover her, and her churches (daughters) shall be taken and lost in anarchy.


30:20, 21. And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first month, in the seventh day of the month, that the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, I have broken the arm of Pharaoh king of Egypt; and, lo, it shall not be bound up to be healed, to put a roller to bind it, to make it strong to hold the sword. — Ecclesiasticism, Satan's right arm shall be broken, never to be healed. The Lord's time for their punishment has come.
30:22. Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against Pharaoh king of Egypt, and will break his arms, the strong, and that which was broken; and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand. — God is against Satan, the mighty king of worldliness, and will break also the civil powers, and make him powerless to use his sword.
30:23. And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries. — God will scatter the worldly people among the anarchists.
30:24. And I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and put My Sword in his hand: but I will break Pharaoh's arms, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man. — God will strengthen the civil and philosophic (infidel, anarchistic religions) powers of Anarchy; and anarchy shall both use the Bible (God's Sword) and shall wield the sword of earthly weapons, as His own sword; and this evil order of things, with powers broken down, shall utter its dying groans of distress.
30:25. But I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and the arms of Pharaoh shall fall down; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall put My sword into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall stretch it out upon the land of Egypt. — But this order of things, with powers broken, and the anarchistic state of affairs with strengthened power, shall realize that it is of Jehovah's might, when anarchy grows in power and attacks the existing order of things.
30:26. And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am the Lord. — And the worldly peoples scattered everywhere, shall by the fulfillment of this prophecy know that Jehovah rules in the affairs of men.

"Mine eyes can see the glory of the presence of the Lord:
He is trampling out the winepress where his grapes of wrath are stored;
I see the flaming tempest of His swift descending Sword:
Our King is marching on.

"I can see His coming judgments, as they circle all the earth,
The signs and groanings promised, to precede a second birth;
I read His righteous sentence, in the crumbling thrones of earth:
Our King is marching on."

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