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In this book all Scripture quotations or citations not identified as to translation are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NW) except those found in material quoted from some other publication, in which case they are from the King James or Authorized Version (AV). Reference to the American Standard Version is indicated by the abbreviation AS.

Other abbreviations used:

Ibid., abbreviation of Ibidem, Latin, meaning "In the same place."
Supra, Latin, meaning "Above or beyond."


1A People with the Most Ancient History 7
2The Turning from Religious Confusion Begins 12
3Charles Taze Russell Makes a Far-reaching Decision16
4Preparation for Harvest Ingathering Begins 23
5Preaching the Good News, a Commission for All 28
6Going on the Offensive 35
7Uncovering the Roots of Opposition 41
8The Climactic Approach to 1914 47
9"End of All Kingdoms in 1914" 54
10Strengthened for Patience and Endurance 59
11A Change in Administration Tests God's Servants 64
12Let Go into Captivity 74
13Release from Babylonish Captivity 84
14Reorganizing for Active Service 91
15Jehovah's Wrath Published Against the Rulers 101
16God's Kingdom Exalted, Its Counterfeit Exposed 107
17Publishing Freedom for the People Through Expanded Facilities 112
18Jehovah Identifies His Purpose with His People 120
19The Fight for Liberty to Preach 128
20The Battle of the Air Waves Opens a New Field 134
21Theocratic Order Comes in as World War II Approaches 141
22Christian Neutrals During World War II 150
23Preaching Underground amid War's Intense Heat 159
24Concentration Camps Fail to Still Lips Praising God 166
25Champions of Freedom of Speech and of Worship 175
26Expanding the Preaching Service to Find and Feed the "Great Crowd" 186
27Building and Planting with a View to Global Expansion 196
28Writing the Good News into the Law of the Land 206
29The Door of Preaching Opportunity Again Swings Open 212
30Setting the Pattern of Future Theocratic Assemblies 222
31Quebec's Burning Hate for God and Freedom Exposed and Defeated 239
32Theocracy's Increase Manifested in Preaching and Printing Opportunities 250
33International Unity of Purpose Cements the New World Society 260
34Ending the Fourth, Beginning the Fifth Decade of Kingdom Operation 269
35The Cloud of Modern Witnesses Advance in Faithful Conduct 277
36Doing the Divine Will from Now On into Eternity284

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