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The seven volumes of C.T. Russell's Studies In The Scriptures are now completed on this site.. Although these books are available on the Internet already, I feel that it is better to have scanned versions not taken from other sites, first of all for obvious copyright reasons, but also because I have no desire to visit sites of possible apostate origin, nor do I think it advisable for others to do so. Some things to keep in mind about such sites appear below.

I have attempted to preserve the "feel" of having the book in your hands, while improving the clarity and also correcting obvious printing errors etc. Naturally a small amount of editing takes place, but I am attempting to keep this to a minimum. The majority of editing is in spelling, except in proper names, where the original spelling is retained even where names have changed slightly. I am not attempting to convert American English as written into British English (although sorely tempted to do so!) as again it preserves the flavour of the original. Where there are obvious typographical errors, however, these are being corrected.

I am now adding other publications, by Brother Rutherford or later, but again the emphasis is on publications not available easily elsewhere, (and not on WTCDRom). This way they form an additional resource. My thanks are due once again to Jeremy for kindly sending me yet more scans of publications which have been prepared for the site. It would be difficult to overestimate the help he has provided, and I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thanks also to Ben for scans of publications which are also appearing on the site, including the now completed Three Worlds and also School Of The Prophets. Two books by J.F. Rutherford which were missing from the site, Preparation and Children, have been supplied by Nikolay, and my gratitude is extended to him. I have received some very interesting early items of interest from Jenny; tracts, booklets and invitations, and also convention material. My thanks go to her for this contribution. Please note: I never accept scans without prior arrangement, and I NEVER accept text files etc. as I have no control over their accuracy, and that is a prime consideration for this site.

Unfortunately, illness has delayed matters somewhat. My health is not good, and I have ongoing hospital appointments, so work progresses a little more slowly than I would like. As things are progressing slowly I have decided to add a page for new additions; this should help regular visitors to see what has been added recently. It can be accessed here.

The booklets in my possession have been completed, and a section for tracts has been added. They have been added in .pdf format as this will preserve the tract appearance, and allow easy downloading. Some have requested the books be available in .pdf format too, but there are difficulties in this. Some of the source books I am using are not in the best of condition, and a lot of work is done to preserve the text accurately. Putting images of the book into .pdf format would preserve the poor appearance and the difficulty of reading in some cases. There are occasions where previous owners have written in the books, highlighting passages etc., which has made reading more difficult, and presenting this would detract from the message contained in the publication, in my opinion. Another reason is bandwidth. It costs money to run this site and the cost of high bandwidth charges resulting from large pdf files being downloaded would prove a strain financially. This is NOT a request for financial support. If, in the future, I am unable to support this site financially, then it will cease to exist. I have recently transferred Strictly Genteel to a new webhost, and I hope that no-one has experienced any problems with the transfer.

I am pleased to say that I have been able to add audio files of Brother Rutherford's records. These are now hosted on this site. The progress is slow but I am proceeding with these! My thanks to Andrew for sending me a cd-rom of many of these recordings.

Any feedback would be appreciated, and suggestions for things you would like to see on the site. Thank you to those who have made encouraging comments. Also, if you notice any glaring mistakes, I'd appreciate a notification. The proofreading is a mammoth task and I am only human after all! Comments may be addressed to "webmaster at strictlygenteel dot co dot uk". I am sure you can sort out an e-mail address from that information, while I avoid the nuisance mail that comes from automated scanning of websites for addresses!


Some Things To Bear In Mind Regarding Apostates

If you were to do a search on the internet for the writings of Charles Taze Russell, it is likely you would arrive at sites of apostate origin. True, they will have the writings on their site but often these sites use the opportunity to attack modern Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watch Tower Society. It is worth bearing in mind that: They will rarely - if ever - discuss doctrine. They tend to focus on the areas of personal attack, or attack 'controversial' topics. Very often, I suspect, these are areas in which the site's author has particular difficulty. For instance, it may be that they do not like preaching from house-to-house, so efforts are made to try to show that such a practice is unnecessary - or even unscriptural. Perhaps they have been disfellowshipped; then they try to show that this scriptural practice is somehow wrong. The most common areas seem to be:

Yet, while they are trying to focus attention on these matters, they ignore the fact that the beliefs of Jehovah's witnesses are based on the Bible. While they attempt to focus your mind on these subject, please bear in mind the following:

Let us briefly examine these points:
Did the churches teach you the truth about the soul? hell? the Trinity? Of course not! They have consistently taught untruth regarding these topics. They downgrade the Bible's authority in favour of traditional teachings.
Genuine love is seen in the congregations of Jehovah's witnesses, and in their worldwide organization. Do the churches support war? Yes!! Are they divided by nationalism? Yes!!
Do the churches support the Bible's moral standards? No!! Consider the subjects of homosexuality, abortion, sexual activity outside marriage. Only Jehovah's witnesses consistently apply Bible standards of behaviour wherever in the world you are.
And one other point to consider - Jehovah's witnesses make Bible literature available in many languages at no charge. Why? To make profits? Hardly! Obviously from an altruistic motive - to help people apply the Bible in their life, and to have a good relationship with God. Do you see the churches rushing to make their literature available free of charge? or their ministers serving without charge? No!

It is evident that the apostate sites are not interested in truth, only with trying to attack the Watch Tower Society on other matters. It is rather like someone refusing to discuss your personal beliefs, but pointing to some supposed indiscretion of yours to try to discredit you in the eyes of others. Whether or not you made a mistake in the past is not the important point, it is what are you doing now that matters. How would you view such a person who consistently tried to blacken your character? I'm sure you would not seek out their company! Treat apostate sites the same way.

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